At 1doc, our purpose in social good initiatives is to promote health and well-being within the community. Our efforts focus on:

  1. Raising Awareness: We conduct osteoporosis and blood pressure screenings to increase awareness of these conditions and emphasise the importance of regular health checks.
  2. Preventive Health: Functional screenings for seniors help identify early signs of potential health issues, allowing for timely interventions and promoting healthier aging.
  3. Education: Our educational outreach programs in heartlands engage seniors and provide crucial knowledge on basic nutrition, empowering them to make informed health choices.
  4. Community Engagement: These initiatives foster a sense of community, connecting seniors with healthcare professionals and resources, and promoting a supportive environment for healthy living.


As 1doc Primary Care Medical Group, we have partnered with Temasek Foundation to integrate social good into our corporate purpose through several impactful initiatives:

  1. Blood Pressure Screening: Collaborating with Temasek Foundation, we screened Teck Ghee residents for blood pressure issues over three weekends, reaching a significant portion of the community and identifying potential health risks early.
  2. Vaccination for Seniors: Temasek Foundation enlisted our help to vaccinate seniors at risk of shingles. By sourcing shingles vaccines from a donor, we provided essential protection to vulnerable individuals in the community.


These collaborative projects have reinforced our belief that healthcare is a fundamental pillar of social good. By partnering with Temasek Foundation, we have integrated comprehensive health solutions into our corporate ethos, fostering a culture of care, prevention, and community support. This alignment has not only defined our corporate purpose but also propelled us to drive social change through impactful healthcare interventions.