Since 2021, talentTrust has partnered with 2CV, a company committed to strengthening nonprofits through skills-based volunteering. By actively engaging in our capacity-building accelerator projects, 2CV exemplifies a model of corporate social responsibility that is both creative and impactful.

2CV employees have played a pivotal role in volunteering their skills. In 2023, two dedicated employees from 2CV volunteered as mentors, offering their expertise and time to support two different charities:

  1. Bizlink Centre: 2CV participated in a project with Bizlink Centre, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to serving disadvantaged individuals, particularly persons with disabilities.
  2. O’Joy: 2CV is currently engaged in an accelerator project with O’Joy, a charity serving seniors, to develop a go-to-market plan for the Jolly Companion services through the charity’s social enterprise.

2CV’s active involvement in our accelerator projects exemplifies the profound impact that corporate partnerships can have on charitable organisations. Their contributions have provided not only financial support but also the skills and strategies needed for nonprofits to grow sustainably and serve their communities more effectively. This partnership highlights how corporate engagement can drive meaningful change and support the missions of nonprofit organisations.