Birds of Paradise

From our founding eight years ago, our mission has been to “make the world a better place.” We have built our business as a vehicle for sustainable community contributions, seeking opportunities that benefit our network and community. We don’t consider our community efforts as “CSR,” as that implies a co-curricular activity to be done on the side.

Partnering with NVPC in their ‘Grow with Purpose’ Programme has provided us a platform to share our purpose journey with aspiring like-minded organisations. We share our purpose, success stories, and struggles, offering a realistic picture to help other businesses start or continue their own journeys in doing good for the society.

While we create delightful botanical gelato at our boutiques, much of our impactful work happens behind the scenes. NVPC has helped bring this work into the public consciousness through recognition like “Champions of Good” and provided a platform to inspire other organisations to do good.

Our collaboration with NVPC has also given us valuable opportunities to connect with and learn from other like-minded businesses and solution providers. This enables us to explore more creative ways to contribute positively to our customers, colleagues, and community.