Decadance Co

Decadance Co, founded in 2019, is a socially conscious contemporary dance company based in Singapore. With a vision to be intergenerational and inclusive, they develop multidisciplinary works, programs, and experiences that challenge both artists and audiences.

Their Decasilver program engages seniors in dance and movement at various active ageing centres, hospices, rehabilitation centres, and dementia care centres. These seniors participate in weekly sessions, perform in dance films, live performances, and attend contemporary dance productions. Supported by the Sustain the Arts (stART) Fund, Decasilver aims to enhance seniors’ kinetic and cognitive well-being through movement, prop manipulation, and dance imagery.

In 2023, Decadance Co and NAC partnered to present “Creased,” an intergenerational contemporary dance show. Seniors, many performing for the first time, shared personal stories that formed the show’s narrative. The positive experience led them to participate in the 2024 show, “Knotted.”

To increase accessibility, Decasilver on Digital, supported by the stART Fund, adapted the program into a YouTube series. Pre-recorded dance tutorials were shared with centres, garnering an average of 30 senior viewers per session. 95% of respondents agreed that Decasilver improved their quality of life and helped them express their thoughts and feelings.

Partnering with NAC for “A Dance to Remember” illustrated the social impact of the arts in supporting the community, especially seniors with dementia. The project showcased that age is no barrier to enjoying and benefiting from dance.