Nando’s Singapore

Nando’s is a global family united by our desire to make a difference. Our purpose, “Changing lives, together,” is realised in Singapore through two key initiatives: employment opportunities for ex-offenders, special needs students, and single mothers, and the No Chuckin’ our Chicken program, where we freeze and donate excess chicken and rice.

Our purpose is guided by four key pillars, one of which is Nandoca (employee) inclusivity. Our collaboration with Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) exemplifies this pillar, creating a more inclusive work environment and reinforcing our culture where everyone is welcome. We work with YRSG in three ways:

  1. Volunteering: Nandocas enthusiastically participate in YRSG events, such as the Yellow Ribbon Run, and initiatives that promote inclusivity for ex-offenders.
  2. Training and Development: We offer training programs and professional development for ex-offenders, equipping them with skills and knowledge for long-term careers within and outside Nando’s.
  3. Sponsorships and Donations: Nando’s contributes to the Yellow Ribbon Fund through sponsorships and donations, supporting rehabilitation and reintegration programs for ex-offenders.

This partnership addresses our staffing needs and provides ex-offenders with a transitional, supportive work environment. Many individuals have grown within the company, with some advancing to managerial positions or starting their own ventures.

Family, one of Nando’s core values, is reflected when former employees return as part-timers or recommend us to others. These success stories highlight the positive impact of our partnership with YRSG and reinforce our commitment to social change. This collaboration exemplifies our purpose, culture, and values, underscoring the transformative power of social good.