Singapore Post

At SingPost, we aim to be a force for good in the communities we serve, focusing on community resilience, well-being, digital inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

  1. BYOBclean Initiative:

    • SingPost participated in the #BYOBclean initiative, a multilateral effort to provide free hand sanitiser to every household in Singapore. Over 1,000 postmen delivered pamphlets to 1.5 million households, facilitating the distribution process.
  2. StayWell Mouth Gargle Distribution:

    • SingPost distributed StayWell mouth gargle free of charge to every household in Singapore. Our responsibilities included packing and delivering the mouth gargle to ensure community protection.
  3. Oximeter Distribution:

    • SingPost supported Temasek Foundation in distributing redemption leaflets for oximeters to 1.48 million households. This initiative aimed to empower residents to monitor their oxygen levels and detect early signs of “silent pneumonia” from COVID-19 infections.

These partnerships highlight SingPost’s commitment to community support and resilience, working alongside Temasek Foundation to address public health needs. Temasek Foundation has a strong network of partners and develops innovative and relevant solutions to meet community needs. SingPost supports these efforts by providing logistics and distribution solutions to the community, ensuring that essential resources reach those who need them most.