uParcel aims to optimise urban logistics with our AI route planning technology to provide sustainable city logistics. Given that logistics contribute to 50% of road transport emissions, our approach of sharing resources and implementing more efficient routing can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries while increasing drivers’ incomes.

uParcel joined NVPC’s Company of Good community to strengthen our corporate purpose. We actively seek opportunities to positively impact our partners’ causes. For instance, in 2024, The Singapore Association for the Deaf wanted to run a Lunar New Year donation campaign to deliver new year goodies to show appreciation to their donors. Lacking the capability to deliver perishable food items within the stipulated time at a reasonable cost, they turned to uParcel. We provided a 3-hour delivery service to support the campaign, delivering frozen and fresh items to donors and partnering with deaf drivers for the deliveries.

NVPC facilitated opportunities for uParcel to connect with like-minded community leaders, fostering partnerships to drive purposeful changes.