Zedra Singapore

At ZEDRA, we are committed to supporting the local communities where our people live and work. We uphold fair and ethical practices to assist our clients and partners in delivering value to society, and we take pride in our contributions to the local community.

NVPC has been instrumental in connecting us with FaithActs, enabling us to give back effectively. We have conducted a series of financial literacy and cultural workshops for children aged 7-11, bringing joy to the beneficiaries while teaching them essential life skills. We are grateful for the opportunity to positively impact these children and contribute to the local community.

Thanks to NVPC’s network and expertise, we have established a sustainable volunteering program for our employees. NVPC sources charitable organisations with programs that align with our objectives and schedules. Our employees have given positive feedback and shown great enthusiasm for participating in these activities. This partnership has enabled us to create a meaningful and lasting impact in the communities we serve.