The SBF Foundation marked a significant milestone at its 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner on November 28th, 2023. This video commemorates a decade of impactful initiatives and a celebration of unity in fostering a purpose-driven community for societal betterment.

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Foundation is envisioned to be a foundation of the business community for the community of Singapore. As the social impact arm of the SBF, the Foundation believes that people are at the heart of businesses and that a compassionate and proactive business community can lead to a more sustainable and resilient socio-economic landscape in Singapore.

Our Vision & Mission | Objectives

To foster a compassionate and proactive business community, playing its part to build an inclusive Singapore.


To encourage, enable and enhance the contributions of the business community to the social, vocational and educational upliftment of Singaporeans in need of assistance.


The Foundation’s three-fold objectives are:

I. To promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate philanthropy to uplift the less privileged and improve our environment.

II. To promote the welfare of the low-wage, elderly and other disadvantaged employees through partnerships with the business community.

III. To promote education and enhance the employability of needy and disadvantaged youths through collaboration with the business community.


About SBF Foundation and our work

SBF Foundation Board Of Directors
Ms Janet Ang
Chairman, Chairman of Executive & Nomination Committee
Mr Patrick Kho
Board Member & Chairman of Programme Committee
Mr Kok Ping Soon
Board Member
Ms Susan Chong
Board Member
Mdm Hazlina Abdul Halim
Board Member
Ms Kwee Su-Lin
Board Member
Mr Marcus Lam
Board Member
Ms Madeleine Loo
Board Member
Prof Tan Tai Yong
Board Member
Foundation of The Business Community For The Community

The Foundation understands the significance of collaboration between the business world and the social sector. It acts as a conduit, connecting these two seemingly different domains and fostering meaningful partnerships that drive positive change for our community, by the Singapore business community.