Empathy is not just a feeling; it's compassion in action. Navigating the highs and lows of life is made significantly smoother with the presence of essential support.

We are dedicated to help business leaders understand the needs and challenges of individuals and communities, and then taking meaningful steps to address them. By actively listening and responding with care, a difference can be made in the lives of those in our community.

Our Programmes
Industry-Led Compassion Fund

A platform for the business community to pool resources that enable the support and care for employees in need.

Empathy Series

Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities for low- income young mothers.

In Their Shoes

Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities for low- income young mothers.

Industry-Led Compassion Fund

SBF Foundation envisions a Singaporean society where not only do employees dedicate their best efforts for themselves and others, but where industry leaders also extend their support to vulnerable employees within their sectors.


Driven by the concept of “catalysing care from within”, the Industry-led Compassion Fund transcends mere sporadic financial assistance. It aspires to establish a catalytic framework wherein trade associations and their corporate constituents pool resources, cultivating industry-wide cultures where employees facing adversity turn to their empathetic employers for assistance before personal or familial circumstances deteriorate.

The Foundation is spearheading this initiative, serving as a conduit for the business community to consolidate resources, with the ultimate aim of furnishing employees with internal care and support. Just as corporate social responsibility entails corporations aiding select social communities, this Fund champions corporations' contributions to their industrial community.

Associations or industry leaders interested in mobilizing their member companies to join us in this collective endeavour to stand in solidarity with employees in need are encouraged to reach out to us.

Industry-Led Compassion Fund Pioneering Trade Associations
Association of Certified Security Agencies
The Law Society of Singapore
Security Association Singapore
The Singapore Contractors Association
Singapore Furniture Association
Singapore Hotel Association
Empathy Series

In today's interconnected world, the role of the business community extends far beyond profit-making. It encompasses a profound responsibility to cultivate empathy and compassion, serving as a driving force for positive change.

We are dedicated to harnessing our resources and influence to foster empathy within our business community, empowering individuals and making a positive impact that resonates far beyond business interests.

Join us on this transformative journey, where empathy fuels progress. Register your interest for our empathy-building networking sessions.

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